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Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb CREDITS

Tivia Lynnell

Tivia Lynnell, founder/chief creative officer at Tivoyage Entertainment, graduated from Virginia State University where she studied writing, television production, and radio production and served as an on-air personality/Media Specialist for the university’s radio station, 91.3 WVST.  Her voice reached the ten surrounding cities of Petersburg, VA and for sure that’s one of the experiences where her voice-over talent was honed and would give her the confidence to tackle all the characters’ voice-over in her fantasy/adventure/brain-builder web series, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb”.  Writing based off her own story ideas has been a welcomed present since childhood and her first fantasy/adventure production, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” is a merging of her childhood joys of reading and her love of watching movies. 

Since learning and being trained in California, New York, and Virginia through workshops, classes, and courses in screenwriting, editing, directing, cinematography, and acting, she has steadily put her knowledge and skills acquired to use in various projects, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” being the first project released from Tivoyage.  Alongside learning from online tutorials and learning by creating visuals for herself and others, Lynnell is self-taught within Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.  All of the animation and visual effects in “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” were created by Lynnell as well as the digital designs excluding those mentioned in the closing credits of the web series.

As she nears, what she hopes, is the last revision of her feature length screenplay and a first draft of another, her biggest most understood purpose is “a duty to create responsibly.”  Following that, Lynnell said, "Sometimes I worry that I don’t know how that [creating responsibly] looks or what that means.  At those worry filled moments, all I can do is pray and have faith that I will be lead in accomplishing my purpose.  Once I have relinquished all worries to God, since I am human and a WIP (work-in-progress), I wind up repeating the above emotion or rather state of mind, but thankfully also the remedy—prayer and faith.”

P.A. Walker

P.A. Walker, Executive Producer at Tivoyage Entertainment, has put her hands to work on many creations since early childhood.  Being able to draw well as a small child, Walker was called upon to do drawings, coloring and construction paper art for seasonal displays and special occasions at her primary school.  As a teenager, she would go on to win an award for her gravel artwork and recognition for her wax sculpture.  While still in her teens, Walker used her artistic talent to create floral arrangements, decorate cakes, design and make doll clothes for her niece, and even paint interior walls and wallpaper which served her well in adulthood.  Not honing her artistic talent, Walker spent many years in the allied health field where she enjoyed helping people.  Now venturing into other avenues and with a lifelong love for film and television, it was not unexpected that she found producing an animated series exciting.  She looks forward to continuing the role of Executive Producer for future Tivoyage productions.

Julius Ames is a Music Producer, Recording Engineer and a Film Score Composer.  He graduated in Recording Engineering and Music Production in 2014.  Ames is from a small town in Virginia known as Cape Charles.  Ames has always been involved with music.  He was in the concert band in middle school and jazz band in high school.  He also played live every weekend in restaurants.


Ames is currently located in Northwest Georgia.  He owns a recording studio there, My Heart Studio.  My Heart Studio offers services such as recording, mixing, and mastering music production and film scoring.  Ames is currently working on music for films and several recording projects.


In 2016 Ames was listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) as a Composer for creating music for a film called (CLOSET DOORS) by Tatina Cowell.  He has been very active in creating, for instance, music for book commercials and promo videos.  February 2017, Ames created music for another film (AGED OUT) by Tomeka M. Winborne.  One of the songs in this film was created, recorded, mixed and mastered at Ames’s recording studio.


Ames biggest goal is to serve the indie (independent) and major film directors with original music for their films at an affordable price.  He loves to create and cannot be boxed in by genre of music.

Julius Ames

Singer, Songwriter and “Inspirational Soul” Gospel artist Tenia Jenkins has always had a passion for music.  A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an area known for its musical heritage, it comes as no surprise that music is in her DNA.  Although her early aspiration was to be a Jazz singer, the last decade has seen her evolve into the artist she is today.  Being a talented background singer for a number of artists over the years, it wasn’t until 2005 that Jenkins decided to make the transition to a solo artist.  Following this decision, she immediately began working on her debut Jazz EP and it was during this period that she had an epiphany that ultimately led to her pursuing Gospel music.  Given her new direction, Jenkins immediately began hearing the melodies that would inspire the songs contained within her debut project, “Take Over”.

To assist with the writing process, Jenkins solicited the help of good friend and songwriter Chanell Blakely.  Mrs. Blakely and other key talents formed a collaboration that resulted in the title track being penned and created.  Jenkins went on to enlist producers, Garth Banton (Glain Muzik), Garth Hunter (Shadow Time Entertainment) and Byron Douglas (Kingdom House Productions), to put the finishing touches on the project.

Despite years of dedication, perseverance and hard work, “Take Over’s” release was at risk due to depletion of funds for the project.  Not one to be denied, Jenkins and team launched a funding campaign through Indiegogo.  With contributions from fans and supporters, the funds needed to complete and release “Take Over” to the masses was a success!

In January 2014, “Take Over” was released digitally with highly enthusiastic reviews.  Since its release, Jenkins continues to gain a following of fans that span the globe and wait in anticipation of her next release that is sure to stand out in an industry filled with amazing talent. 

Tenia Jenkins
Torrin Purkett

Torrin Purkett is a native of Norfolk, Virginia.  As a Music Producer, the instruments he plays are the piano and the organ.  Purkett credits his father for teaching him how to play the piano, “He taught me how to play some chords on the keyboard and told me to learn those few chords in every key.  That’s how I learned how to play the piano.” 


The 2018 producer of the year nominee, for the 7th Annual Veer Music Awards, is also a Film Composer, Performer, Coordinator, Music Director and Music Therapist.  Purkett provides music therapy at multiple assisted living facilities in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  He’s a musician who turned his talent into a skill and he makes sure to excel whenever his musical skills are called upon. 


You can find him on social media. 


Instagram - @bigtorrin.


Facebook - Torrin Purkett (Music Page) Big Torrin Da Boss.


Youtube - Big Torrin:Da Boss. To subscribe (Torrin Purkett) 

Clyde Santana

Clyde Santana has been involved in the arts for most of his life. He has presented and trained at numerous conferences and has published 13 articles for “TIPS” (Training for Intervention Procedures).  He has written /co-written two training films and 12 PSA's (Public Service Announcement) for the Virginia Department of ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control).  He was involved in two children’s theaters as a board member and playwright where he co-wrote two youth theater musicals and supervised the development of several other dramatic productions performed by Centerstage Children’s Theater.  Santana has enjoyed professional theater equity productions of two musical stage plays, “Phantom of the 87th Street Playground” and “Bo! the Musical” co-written by him in Philadelphia, Pa.  In 2000, the musical stage play “BO!” was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts "Creation and Presentation Grant.”  He has received several commendations and awards for his involvement with law enforcement agencies and was the recipient of the Virginia's “Governor’s Award (Gold Medal) for Volunteering Excellence 1992.”   

A current member of SAG - AFTRA, he has acted in numerous Dupont/Coastal Technologies training films and reenactments with the Discovery Channel, New Dominion Pictures and M2 productions, appeared in several regional TV commercials as a principal, and played the "Cool Grandfather" in the Williamsburg Historical Center’s national print work project.  In 2011, the screenplay “A Playground Miracle” co-written by Gail E. Davis and him was a TOP 100 finalist in Sundance's Read my Screenplay competition and in 2016 it won the “International Family Film Festival 2016” Fantasy/Sci-Fi feature screenplay category.  Recently, the screenplay “Scholarship” co-written by him and Gail E. Davis was a finalist in the South Carolina Underground Film Festival 2017.  He has produced, written and filmed two 1/2 hour film projects and is currently working on his third one, a TV sitcom pilot which is planned for a summer 2018 shoot.  Additionally, Santana founded and taught the Attucks Theater Writers Workshop, now the Attucks Writers Workshop from 2009 to 2017.  Currently, he is a board member of the Virginia Production Alliance Hampton Roads.

Tina Cowell

Tatina A. Cowell, affectionately known as “Tina” is a native of Norfolk, Virginia. She has always had a creative mind and is a bundle of talent. In addition to being a filmmaker, she's known as a spoken word artist, poet, radio host, screenwriter, director, producer, editor, cinematographer and she draws. 


Cowell has hosted, as well as co-hosted, several radio broadcasts including “The Writer’s Block” based in Norfolk, VA. She is the founder and coordinator of “The CenterStage” talent showcase. She has directed, as well as edited several promotional, documentary and music videos. In 2014 she released her first full length spoken word album “Window into My Soul” and 2015, brought the release of her first short narrative film “Closet Doors.”


In 2017 Cowell stepped in as Editor for the short film “Aged Out”, directed by Tomeka M. Winborne. Cowell also performed the role of Script Supervisor during the production. 


With a Christian base and always a respect for God, Cowell has used her gifts to imagine the world! Currently, she is building INTAC Media, a full service entertainment/production company that focuses on bridging the gap between the arts and spirituality.

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