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Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb Poster
Bexley Snow in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
A transformation in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Bexley Snow in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Bexley Snow in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Daydream image in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Twirling form in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Bexley Snow in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Twirling figure in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb
Evil orb in Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb

Relaunch Date:  To be Determined

Director:    Tivia Lynnell

Executive Producer:  P.A. Walker

The playful, geography-loving-*yogi Bexley Snow, who has a great imagination and loves to write stories about her imaginary happenings, finds out on her 8th birthday that her family has a long legacy of saving Earth from an evil soul vapor, known as **Bachlamosh, and now that it’s her time to save Earth, she can’t believe it’s real.  Bexley must recapture Bachlamosh before the end of summer or he will crumble Earth and absorb the remnants into his evil soul vapor.

*  A name for a person that practices yoga.

**  Bach•la•mosh [pronounced Bӓk like sock but with a “B”] lә mӓsh [like gosh but with an “m”]

Geography Infusion


Young viewers will travel the world with Bexley Snow and her companions as she uses a mix of special abilities and knowledge, from years of tutelage in geography from her aunt, which allows her to identify foods belonging to different cultures, use coordinates to navigate on a map, use the compass rose and determine the cardinal directions without a compass.  Through Bexley’s evil destructive nemesis, Bachlamosh, young viewers will be exposed to different continents and countries, landmarks, and landscapes that make up the world’s food sources.

Every episode will have one or more free printable companion worksheet(s) that will meet one or more of the objectives in our Geography Brain Builder Source.  



Tivia Lynnell, founder/chief creative officer at Tivoyage Entertainment, graduated from Virginia State University where she studied writing, television production, and radio production... 

Executive Producer

 P.A. Walker, Executive Producer at Tivoyage Entertainment,  has put her hands to work on many creations since early childhood.  Being able to draw well as a small child, Walker was called upon to do drawings, coloring and construction...

Theme Music Composer

Julius Ames is a Music Producer, Recording Engineer and a Film Score Composer.  He graduated in Recording Engineering and Music Production in 2014. 

Theme Song Arranged/
Performed By

Singer, Songwriter and “Inspirational Soul” Gospel artist Tenia Jenkins has always had a passion for music.  A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an area known for its musical heritage, it comes as no surprise that music is in her DNA.  

Background Music

Torrin Purkett is a native of Norfolk, Virginia.  As a Music Producer, the instruments he plays are the piano and the organ.  Purkett credits his father for teaching him how to play the piano...

Production and Post-Production Consultant

Clyde Santana has been involved in the arts for most of his life. He has presented and trained at numerous conferences and has published 13 articles for “TIPS” (Training for Intervention Procedures).  He has written /co-written two training films and 12 PSA's...

Post-Production Consultant

Tatina A. Cowell, affectionately known as “Tina” is a native of Norfolk, Virginia. She has always had a creative mind and is a bundle of talent. In addition to being a filmmaker, she's known as a spoken word artist, poet

Earth, galaxies, stars, and nebula in the Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb poster design and logo are by NASA.   Use of NASA's materials does not explicitly or implicitly convey NASA's endorsement.

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